The Chalets

Belles Combes

Altitude : 1460 m
Smallholder : Yersin Jean-Paul & Emilie
Number of years as a producer : 6
Production per season : 4600 Kg
Production per season : 200 meules
Breed(s) of cows : Simmental, Tachetée Rouge (Spotted red)
Number of cows : 35 including 15 (Tachetée Rouge) for the summer only
Autres animaux : 60 heifers, 10 calves, 19 pigs, 3 dwarf goats
Access : 4-wheel drive vehicles
Wheelchair access : no
Langues : French

It's the 2nd generation, including over 50 years of cheese-making by my father.

We work with my father, from whom we took ove the operation in 2013.

My wife and I go alone to the main chalet with the cows, we started making cheese in 2012. My father now takes care of the second alpine dairy with the heifers.

Making cheese is magnificent, it's a great source of pride, albeit lots of work.