The Chalets


Altitude : 1600 m
Year of construction : 1838
Smallholder : Francis & Julien Tena - TF/16
Number of years as a producer : 28 years
Production per season : 9500 Kg
Production per season : 380 meules
Breed(s) of cows : Swiss Fleckvieh, Red Holstein, Holstein
Number of cows : 55
Autres animaux : 80 heifers, 20 calves, 20 alpine pigs, 2 dogs, 1 cat and 6 hens
Access : 4-wheel drive vehicles
Wheelchair access : no
Visits possible : yes, 5 persons maximum
It is essential to contact the producer before a visit
Langues : French
Autre remarques : Discover the blog of the Tena family on "histroies d'alpage" (see link below)
Téléphone : 079 662 79 68

Production period: from end May to end September.

In Corjon there's no electricity but a solar facility has been installed and they have a generator. They benefit from direct milking.

The whole water system was renovated in 2014 and as the 2015 season was very dry, it was a test year for the new installation!

The Tenas represent 2 generations working as a family, with one employee. They also welcome 'chalet boys' (or "bouèbes"!) who give a real helping hand and liven up the alpine dairy!

In 1999, the chalet roof was blown off  by the storm Lothar. It was rebuilt during summer 2000

Find out about the Tena family on the blog "histoires d'alpage" provided by Fromage d'alpage.