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L'Etivaz AOP Bio (organic)


The health benefits!
Did you know that L'Etivaz AOP is a cheese rich in omega 3 and lactose-free?

L'Etivaz AOP contains a proportion of omega 3 that is currently
recommended for our health! In fact, the alpine milk contained in
L'Etivaz AOP has a high nutritional value which is due to the
botanical diversity that constitutes the diet of the cows on the mountain pastures.

L'Etivaz AOP also has the particularity of being lactose-free, because during the
cheese making the lactose present is entirely transformed into lactic acid and
other substances by lactic acid bacteria. All cheese lovers who are unfortunately
lactose intolerant can therefore eat L'Etivaz AOP! 

A mountain of flavorsundefined

The organic Etivaz PDO is a cheese made in farms answering all year round the criteria of the regulation enacted by BIO-SUISSE.

The manufacturing method is totally similar to that of the conventional Etivaz AOP. The annual production of L'Etivaz BIO AOP is about 45 tons.

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