The Chalets

Les Neusilles

La Lécherette
Altitude : 1500 m
Year of construction : 1983
Smallholder : Güttinger Pascal PGU/90
Number of years as a producer : 48
Production per season : 6500 Kg
Production per season : 260 meules
Breed(s) of cows : Simmental, RH
Number of cows : 40 including 15 boarded out for the summer
Autres animaux : goats, donkeys
Access : car
Wheelchair access : yes
Langues : French, German

Production period: from 10 May to 10 October.

The chalet en Neusilles has been built in1983 by the Perren family to be able to produce some cheese. Since 2018 the Guttinger family has bought and operates the chalet