The Chalets

Pra Borni

Altitude : 1678 m
Smallholder : Morier-Genoud Jean-Luc - JMG/47
Number of years as a producer : 42
Production per season : 4600 Kg
Production per season : 220 meules
Breed(s) of cows : Simmental, Swiss Fleckvieh, RH, HO, Normande
Number of cows : 45 including 20 which are only boarded out for the summer
Autres animaux : calves & heifers
Access : car
Wheelchair access : no
Langues : French, German, Polish

Production period: from 1 to 25 July.

It's the 2nd generation at this chalet, his father didn't make l'Etivaz but he brought the cream.

Start of production in 1976 in 4 chalets then in the 3 current chalets since 2011.

There are 2 to 3 employees working during the summer.

it's an old chalet with minimum comfort.