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100% L'Etivaz Fondue

The health benefits!
Did you know that L'Etivaz AOP is a cheese rich in omega 3 and lactose-free?

L'Etivaz AOP contains a proportion of omega 3 that is currently recommended for our health! In fact, the alpine milk contained in
L'Etivaz AOP has a high nutritional value which is due to the
botanical diversity that constitutes the diet of the cows on the mountain pastures.

L'Etivaz AOP also has the particularity of being lactose-free, because during the cheese making the lactose present is entirely transformed into lactic acid and other substances by lactic acid bacteria. All cheese lovers who are unfortunatelylactose intolerant can therefore eat L'Etivaz AOP! 


Creamy fondue, gourmet conviviality!

As creamy as can be desired, the 100% L'Etivaz Fondue is an irresistible delight, with our fondue this Swiss dish per excellence will only get better !



Rub the inside of the fondue pot with a clove of garlic, then place the mixture of cheeses in the pot and add 1dl of white wine per person. Heat over a medium flame while stirring constantly and then lower the flame. Keep heating the cheese on a low flame, stirring all the time, until the cheese has melted and is very creamy. Finally, place the fondue pot on a warmer and maintain the heat at a constant level.