Mountain butter

L'Etivaz butter


The delicate flavor of the flowering alpine pastures

L’Etivaz butter is a natural product with a unique flavour made from milk cream and the whey cream which comes from the production of the alpine cheese L’Etivaz AOP and which gives it its distinct typical flavour. 

Even before it is pasteurized the cream is ripened, first biologically with aromatizing, acidulant lactic bacteria, and then physically by being cooled down to about 10° - 12° for around 12 hours. The cream is constantly beaten during the churning process. The object of this is to break up the fat globules in order to free the liquid fat and allow the butter grains to agglomerate by separating out from the buttermilk in which they are floating. After the buttermilk is drained off, the butter grains are washed several times and then kneaded in order to eliminate and evenly distribute the water in the butter until perfect consistency is reached. Finally, the butter is moulded and packaged.