Château d'Oex
Höhe : 1820 m
Baujahr : 1974
Bauer : Raynaud René & Martial - CD/7
Anzahl der Jahre als Produzent : 33
Produktion pro Saison : 10'000 Kg
Produktion pro Saison : 450 meules
Rasse (n) von Kühen : Swiss Fleckvieh, RH, HO, Jersey
Anzahl der Kühe : 50
Weitere Tiere : pigs
Zugang : on foot, (4-wheel drive vehicles authorised for residents)
Accès pour chaise roulante : no
Besuche möglich : yes, max. 15 persons
Es ist notwendig, die Produzenten vor einem Besuch zu kontaktieren
Langues : French, English
Autre remarques : You are served a cup of tea, some cream, cheese, and a meal on request..
Telefon : 079 286 40 65

Production period: end June to end August.

We are the 5th generation making l'Etivaz.

We don't have employees, everything is done 'en famille', son, daughter-in-law, father, mother and grandchildren. Even the daughters like to come when they can.

This chalet is more rustic but we are so happy here, far from the noise of the outside world.

It's the tranquility of the high mountain peaks!!